Level II Dental Training

Take your dental department to the next level. Veterinary dentistry is much more than cleanings and extractions. This lecture will cover the two areas in veterinary dentistry which are significantly undertreated: periodontics and restorative dentistry. The half of the day is restorative dentistry. It begins with a session on bonded sealants for fractured teeth. This is a very common condition which is painful and can become infection. This technique can be performed by any veterinary staff member and such is open to veterinarians, technicians and assistants. Following this will be a lab on composite restorations for enamel hypocalcification and caries. Finally, the periodontal surgery session will cover closed and open root planing, gingivectomy, various flap techniques, and bone regeneration (guided tissue regeneration). The techniques taught in this laboratory are:

  • Indicated on almost a daily basis.
  • Inexpensive to offer in your practice.
  • Relatively easy to perform.
  • Good for your patients. 

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