Veterinary Dental Textbooks, Educational Materials & Products

Practical Veterinary Publishing, part of Veterinary Dental Specialties & Oral Surgery, is your source for all your veterinary dental educational needs. We have veterinary dental textbooks from basics to advanced. Basic texts include: Oral pathology, periodontal disease and therapy, periodontal surgery, radiograph exposure techniques and interpretation, extractions, feline dentistry and emergency dental problems. For seasoned practitioners we have the definitive texts on orthodontics, endodontics, periodontal surgery, and restorative dentistry. We also have videos on marketing veterinary dentistry and radiograph positioning.  On the client educational side we offer a "importance of dental radiographs" poster for display in your practice.

In addtion we offer a variety of veterinary dental products and instruments, which align with our educational texts, for veterinary professionals who are expanding their veterinary dental knowledge and practice.