Pet's Tooth Fairy Fund

Our Pet's Tooth Fairy Fund is a foundation that helps fund care for pets in need of oral surgery, who's families have exhausted financial resources and are unable to afford a necessary procedure.

Pet dental disease is a very common and significant health problem for many dogs and cats. In addition, most oral conditions are either painful or a source of infection (or both), which significantly impacts the quality of life for these pets. As proper dental care for animals requires general anesthesia and is often quite extensive, the associated costs can be difficult for many pet owners to provide for their pets and the disease goes untreated leaving the pet in pain or in some cases unable to survive. The goal of the Pet's Tooth Fairy Fund is to assist pet owners with extreme financial constraints or pet mission organizations in order for these pets to receive the urgent dental care they need. The funds will be used for oral and maxillofacial procedures, excluding cosmetic procedures.   

To make a donation to Pet's Tooth Fairy Fund please complete the donation form or mail your donation to:

Veterinary Dental Specialties & Oral Surgery 
Checks Payable to: Pet's Tooth Fairy Fund
5775 Chesapeake Court
San Diego, CA 92123

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Applicant Eligibility:

Clients will need to demonstrate that they have exhausted all other possible forms of payment including Care Credit or Wells Fargo payment plans. In order for a dental treatment to qualify for these funds, it must have a good prognosis, client demonstrates ability to provide proper home and follow up care, and be performed in a Veterinary Dental Specialties and Oral Surgery clinic. The client must approve all recommended therapy (i.e. extraction of severely diseased teeth). 


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