Shelter Dentistry

Our goal at Veterinary Dental Specialties & Oral Surgery in working with numerous Shelters and Humane Societies is to make shelter pets happier and healthier as well as more adoptable.

Dental and oral disease is by far the most common medical problem in dogs and cats. Dental disease is not only painful, it is also a source of both local and systemic infection, meaning proper therapy has a significant positive affect on the quality of life. In addition, proper dental care for animals requires anesthesia and is often extensive which is why the associated costs are generally expensive. It is unrealistic for most potential adopters to take on a large health care investment when adopting a new pet. This makes shelter animals with dental disease significantly less adoptable, which means that these pets tend to have long shelter stays and/or require placement with rescue groups instead of an adoptive family. 

Another complicating factor is that the majority of veterinarians and technicians have minimal training in veterinary dentistry, which limits the number of procedures per day, backing up the rate of adoptions. We practice only dentistry and as such are more time efficient, have fewer complications, and utilize less invasive surgical techniques. In addition, our advanced equipment and techniques allow us to save functional teeth minimizing surgical & post-operative pain and complications.

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Zoo Dentistry

Many people may have never considered that our zoo friends are just as susceptible to painful dental disease and injury as our house pets. It is one of our great pleasures to donate our time and expertise to provide oral care that also contributes to the overall health and happiness of the animal. Dr. Niemiec and his team have performed an extensive range of procedures on all kinds of animals at a variety of zoos, most often at Santa Barbara Zoo and Gold Mine (Big Bear) Zoo.

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Pet's Tooth Fairy Fund

Our Pet's Tooth Fairy Fund is a foundation that helps fund care for pets in need of oral surgery, who's families have exhausted financial resources and are unable to afford a necessary procedure.

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You Can Help

Pet's Tooth Fairy Fund helps fund care for shelter pets in need of dental care and oral surgery, or who's families have exhausted financial resources and are unable to afford care. 

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